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New and cool features in PHP5.6

PHP5.6 is, at the date of writing this, in the first beta phase. So the good question is: What new and cool features can we expect in the shiny new PHP-Version?

  • Exponential operator
  • importing namespaced functions
  • constant scalar expressions
  • variadic functions
  • argument unpacking
  • phpdbg
  • Streams for POST-data
  • Default Character-Encoding improvements
  • TLS improvements
  • More “under-the-hood”-Improvements

For a full list of changes have a look at the RFC-Part of the php.net wiki

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SRWare Iron and PDF

Sadly SRWares Chromium-based Browser Iron doesn’t come with a built in PDF-Viewer.

For a long time I’ve simply taken that, but today I had to research vor PDF-stuff and finally I was fed up!

GoogleChrome to the rescue

As described in http://wiredhut.blogspot.de/2012/06/how-to-get-chromes-pdf-viewer-in-srware.html you can simply use Google Chromes PDF-Engine. And it does not only work out for Windows but also for Mac.

Simply open the Applications Content of your SRWare Iron by right-clicking onto the Application and selecting “Open Package Content”. You should get a Finder-window showing simply a folder “Contents”. Inside are several folders. One of them should be named “Versions”. Open that one and select the “newest” one inside. In my case that was “29.0.1600.1”. In there is a folder “Chromium Framework.framework” in which again is a folder “Internet Plug-Ins”. Thats the one we’re after!. So the path is as follows:
SRWare Iron.app > Contents > Versions > 29.0.1600.1 > Chromium Framework.framework > Internet Plug-Ins

Open the same folder of a Google Chrome-Browser (Note: The Version-Folder will be differently named, take the “newest”) and locate a Plug-In called PDF.plugin. Copy that one into the folder of your SRWare Iron, restart the application and open a PDF-file.

Thats it!