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Encrypt a build-result – automaticaly

So in my last blogpost I showed how to automatically create a PHAR-file using Travis-CI. It didn’t take long for a challenge to show up: Digitally sign the resulting PHAR-file.

I already did some work with encrypting and decrypting stuff for an individual automated deployment to a server a few months back. So signing stuff shouldn’t be that complicated I thought. Therefore: Challenge accepted!

Automated deploy from travis-ci via ssh

The other day I wanted to have an automated deployment for a sideproject (callingallpapers.com) of mine. I wanted to be able to merge a PullRequest on github and have Travis-CI deploy the merged files via rsync after all tests succeed. Easy thing I thought, I can’t be the first one attempting that. Looked like I was at least the first one writing about it… Continue reading Automated deploy from travis-ci via ssh