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Change OpenDirectory-Mappings

Today I’m hacking together some things I’ve learned during administrating a bunch of Macs that had to use a centralized OpenLDAP-cluster as “OpenDirectory”-backend.

To get authentication as well as authorization to work we had to tweak the mapping of Apples DirectoryService-fields to the LDAP-Attributes of our OPenLDAP.

Luckily it’s not rocket science as Apples own OpenDirectory is based on OpenLDAP as well, so there are some parallels.

NOTE: ALL the things described here apply to MacOS 10.8 clients and an OpenLDAP-backend. They worked out for our settings. If you change any of your settings you are doing so on your own risk!

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“Update” Cached User-Information from Apples OpenDirectory


There is no way of Updating Cached informations. You have to delete the cached User and recreate it.

The Story

The other day we had a problem with an OpenDirectory-User that was working on a mobile account on a laptop running MacOS 10.7. The user got a new laptop and to configure everything for the user we had to change the password to one we knew. So the password was changed in the OpenDirectory. We configured everything and the user changed his password back to a new one.

Everything fine – we thought.

Until the user went back home with his shiny new laptop, opened it up and tried to log in with the new password. the login-dialog shook and denied access. So the user was clever and tried the intermediate password we also knew. And voila – access was granted.
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Convert eclipse into a real Mac-App

I’m using Eclipse for a while now. In the good old days Eclipse has been delivered as a “proper” Mac-App with all libraries contained inside the Application.

But for some time now that is not the case any more. Now an Eclipse for the Mac comes as a folder containing the Application (called and a lot of other clutter that i’m not interested in. But when I drag the into my Application folder and try to start it nothing happens (apart from that nice little Error-Message).

I simply accepted that.

Until today.
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