Convert eclipse into a real Mac-App

I’m using Eclipse for a while now. In the good old days Eclipse has been delivered as a “proper” Mac-App with all libraries contained inside the Application.

But for some time now that is not the case any more. Now an Eclipse for the Mac comes as a folder containing the Application (called and a lot of other clutter that i’m not interested in. But when I drag the into my Application folder and try to start it nothing happens (apart from that nice little Error-Message).

I simply accepted that.

Until today.


Step one

I opened the by right clicking onto it and selecting ‘Open Package’. That opened a new Finder-Window showing a single folder Contents. Go inside!

There we have

  • a file Info.plist – don’t touch
  • a folder MacOS – we come to that later
  • a folder Resources – leave it as it is

The next thing was to move all the clutter from the folder containing the (except for the into this folder Contents.

Now the folder Contents should look somewhat like this:

Content of Contents
The content of the folder

Step two

Now I had to edit the file MacOS/eclipse.ini

Somewhere there are two lines containing something like


By simply removing two of the three ../ I thought everything was fine. But no.

There also have to be two lines like


Remove two of the three ../ and be happy. If the line is missing, add it.

So in the End the file should contain four lines like these:


. The exact version-number varies from – well obviously – version to version.

When you are in that file you can also change some Memory values for the Java-VM like the values for -Xms and -Xmx. For more details on that (java heap space memory) ask your favourite search-Engine 😉

That done, you should have a real Mac-Application containing all the stuff needed inside the