Daily Archives: 13th of November 2021

On deprecating dynamic properties

Yesterday the RFC regarding Deprecating Dynamic Properties went into voting phase and it currently looks like the overwhelming majority supports the RFC.

But nevertheless the discussions yesterday started in the wider PHP community whether that is a good idea or not.

To summarize the RFC in very short terms: Currently PHP allows to assign values to a class property that was not previously declared. The RFC proposes to remove this implicit feature in PHP9. It will still be available as an explicit feature when the creator of the class adds an Annotation [AllowDynamicProperties] on the class level.

To prepare for that, in the next minor version of PHP – PHP 8.2 – whenever one assigns a value to an undeclared property there will be a deprecation notice raised.

So the proposal is – in essence – about moving from implicitness to explicitness. Which is in my opinion a very good move.

So what is the discussion that I was talking about previously all about? After all that sounds like a good move, doesn’t it?

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