What makes a good developer?

One Day comes the question, what differentiates the good developer from a really good developer.

At that stage the question is not any more whether you can code or even which language it is you code best. Of course you have a “preferred” language that you know very well, but it should only be a matter of weeks to learn a new language from scratch as the principles are more or less the same in all languages. The same design-patterns apply as well as the same control-structures.

So what makes the difference?

For me the difference is on a level, that has nothing to do with coding-skills but with the soft-skills necessary to a really good developer. These include

  • the ability to quickly get to know what is needed – which might be something completely different to what is asked for
  • the ability to communicate with non-techies on a level that allows both sides to get to the best result
  • to share your knowledge and wisdom with others in a way that might even benefit yourself.

All of these – and even more – topics are now addressed in the next DayCamp4Developers that Cal Evans and his wife Kathy set up on 6th of November 2010 as a web-session.

So thats the chance to get better in social skills. And at a reasonable price of 35$ (which is about 27 Euro) you can join in and get the possibility to see the talks afterwards as well.

The line-up of speakers reads a bit like a Who-is-Who and includes

I for myself am looking forward to this event and hopefully you are there as well. And for more information follow DayCamp4Devs or watch #dc4d on Twitter.

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