wordpress and markup

Markup is a great way to write text. And I wanted to be able to write my blog-posts in markup also. And I also wanted to be able to write code-snippets in markup.

It proved rather easy to integrate Jetbags markup-engine without the overhead of installing the complete jetbag-suite.

Just install and activate the jb_markup plugin. For code-highlighting I use the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved-plugin.

Caveat: The JB_Markup-plugin converts the markup to HTML with wordpress-tags on saving the post. That’s fine, as long as you do not turn on Syntax-Highlighting after saving the post. On saving the post JB_Markup checks whether the Syntax-Highlighter is activated and depending on that convertts code-blocks either to a simple ‘pre’-tag or uses the \-syntax which enables the Syntax-Highlighter. So when you enable the SyntaxHighlighter after you wrote a post, you’ll have to resave the post!